1. What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept all VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover formats of payment, but we highly suggest you use PayPal if you have it set up already, as it is the fastest checkout process.

  1. Is this site secure?

Yes, however, we must make special mention that this site does use cookies that helps us in better reaching our audience’s needs and interests.

  1. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! However, shipping times are subject to each country and can process differently. Please bear in mind that if your country imposes an import tax, that it is the responsibility of the consumer to pay it. This is especially the case if the order is retained in a customs holding office to be picked up by the purchaser as is the case in some European countries.

  1. Is shipping included in the price?

This depends on where you are purchasing from and shipping to… For all orders made and shipped to Mexican addresses, shipping is included in the purchase price; however, international shipping costs vary. As a general rule, we can include shipping to North American and Europe with a minimum of 6 items purchased. Alternatively, at checkout, you may select your preferred shipping via our Pack&Pack app in the event you do not meet the minimum item requirement.

  1. How come you mention that some products take up to several weeks to arrive?

Please keep in mind that a lot of our products are not mass-produced and are limited, hand-made collections, and as such, production is capped to avoid abusing producers. If the product is not immediately available, it will take at least one to two weeks for the product to be assembled by the artisan. Some collections are made in advance before release, and in those cases, when ordered, it can arrive at your destination even sooner; however, we always prefer to state that these products, which are made with love and meticulously assembled, will take some time to get to you.

  1. If the item I saw on your social media or your website’s older collections are not available for immediate purchase, can I make a special order?

This depends on the item! Some older collections may be discontinued, but our artisans can still make them on demand if they are available to do so. Just be aware that special individual orders can take longer than normal to create. If you have a question or special request, you may send it to helpdesk@huitzilinmx.com or if you found an older piece via social media, you may send it to us via direct message with the photo, and it will be escalated to the team that can get in contact with the artisan on your behalf.

  1. How do I return an order?

Orders do not need to be sent directly back to the artisan, but rather to our office. If the order you received is highly defective, broken, or outright incorrect, we will send you a new piece altogether. For returns, please ship to Huitzilin Arte Mexicano, Atzala 1620, San Andres Cholula, Puebla, 72810, Mexico.

  1. How can I contact you?

For questions concerning orders, you may reach out via helpdesk@huitzilinmx.com, our WhatsApp chat bubble on the site, or even our social media touch points.

For all other business inquiries and proposals, please send us an email to contact@huitzilinmx.com in either English or Spanish.

  1. How can I know what you do isn’t cultural appropriation?

This is an important question! We do not simply extract indigenous designs from communities and recreate them ourselves without permission. We collaborate directly with those communities and families, and design collections with them.