Shipping Policy

Huitzilin Mx is a marketplace for users to buy and sell artisanal handmade goods. Huitzilin MX verifies every product and accessory to make sure they’re authentic and live up to their product description.

The shipping experience for Huitzilin Mx is unique. Most products, if not already in stock, must be created upon receiving the order with the artisans that make them, We also requires producers to ship the product to Huitzilin Mx fulfillment offices before they get sent to buyers. Unless the product is immediately available to be fulfilled, all products on the site will pass through this process.

Shipping is affected, depending on where you live. Domestic shipping services in Mexico include RedPack and Estafeta, while international is subject to standard shipping times set by UPS.


Since all products can be handmade upon customer request, it can usually take up to 7 business days from receiving request to finishing a product, followed by an additional 2 days to ship to our fulfillment offices. Finalized touches on the product and packaging will be done at fulfillment, to then be sent to a final shipment. Domestic order take from 2-5 business days (usually 2/3 weeks total for domestic purchases) while international shipping can take up to 5-7 days (3 weeks total for international shipping).


The cost of shipping is figured into the price for domestic purchases (including the shipments from the workshop to fulfillment center). While international shipping is subject to an additional cost. These costs vary depending on the zip code and rates are determined by UPS.

All shipments will come with a tracking number upon order fulfillment and will be provided to the customer's email provided at checkout.

For concerns regarding your order's shipment, write to our email at