The Meaning behind the Flapping Wings:

"When the Teponaxtle

and the hornpipe sound,

You Must Sing.

And Sing as best you can Sing.

To the rattles

and the bells you must Dance.

Dance as best you can Dance.

To the rattle and the bell’s ring."

(Song to Huitzilopochtli)


As it was once popularly known, Huitzilopochtli translates as "The Left-handed Hummingbird" ” (Huitzilin = Hummingbird, Opochtli = Left). It is not often known what meaning lies behind its symbolism.

When the Spanish arrived, they were horrified by the tale of the birth of Huitzilopochtli upon learning he had to kill 400 of his siblings to defend his Mother. Consequently, the Spanish interpreted Huitzilopochtli to be the very "Devil". Conversely, the ancient Mexica people considered Huitzilopochtli as the God of War, its moniker derived by shared characteristics with the hummingbird:

o   It is an extremely territorial and aggressive animal. With its ability to rapidly fly in all directions, it gives it an advantage over other birds by being swift, agile, elusive and accurate, much like a trained warrior!

o   The hummingbird is like a weapon. It’s long beak, much like a samurai with his katana, is accurate and precise. The hummingbird's beak is an invisible and silent tool; but above all, it is lethal like a warrior and his darts!

o   The hummingbird is renowned for its aim and precision when collecting nectar from. This specimen is the only bird that has the honor of participating in cross-pollination via its enviable aim.


Possessing these attributes, it can taste the sweet nectar of life, akin to a warrior mastering his fears.


Yet still there is a much more hidden meaning behind the association of warriors to the Huitzilin; and so, it is important to recall part of its origin:


-        The Goddess Coatlicue heard her son's voice when she was in fear, and Huitzilopochtli consoled her. Coatlicue was able to hear her son's voice from within as he relayed messages to her.

-        The ancient Mexica people said that hummingbirds were messengers, ones that never stop moving.


Taking into consideration these details, one can surmise that Huitzilopochtli is a metaphor for the heart. Since the heart is off center to the left (opochtli), unceasing in movement, beating while we sleep, and flutters much like a hummingbird, it is why one considers being led from the heart, as if it were life’s guide.


And this is how Huitzilin Arte Mexicano was born. With Alexa Sefchovich at the helm, her one simple founding vision of a small family-oriented project led her heart to initiate a burgeoning business with a noble mission and message of hope. By bolstering fair trade, we send a clear message to not only impulse the talented hands of the artisans that work with the company, but effectively cut out the haggling that historically holds them back.

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